Roth IRA Analyzer

Are you one of the many investors who are wondering whether the Roth IRA makes sense for your portfolio? Now you can start getting personalized answers to your IRA questions. Our Roth IRA Analyzer will help you figure out your IRA eligibility and, based on your current financial status, compare the results of investing in a traditional IRA versus a Roth IRA. Follow the steps below and start getting the answers to your IRA questions.

What is your tax filing status?

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This calculator may offer some initial answers, but we encourage you to meet with your financial planner or tax advisor for advice and information concerning your particular situation and that of your household. This calculator does not take into effect inflation and salary increases.

Please consider the following limitations regarding the corresponding IRAs and calculations.

  • Not FDIC Insured
  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value