Stocks Matter – Now and Later

Stocks are the investments that historically have provided the greatest long-term growth. That's why they play a key role in building assets for retirement. Once you hit retirement, though, the conventional wisdom used to be that you moved your money out of stocks and into bonds. That worked pretty well when retirement lasted 10 years or so. But the combination of early retirement and longer lives means that now your money may have to last three times as long, or longer – and that's a job for stocks' proven growth potential. If you're uncomfortable with the risks of aggressive stocks, you can opt for more conservative stock choices.

Of course, stock prices typically fluctuate more than those of conservative investments in the short-term. But the longer you invest, the more opportunity you have to put those fluctuations to work for you in the form of higher potential returns. Determine your risk tolerance and the right mix of stocks, bonds, and cash for you with our Asset Allocation tool.

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