XBRL Documents

The following documents contain certain important information about the Funds listed below. This information may also be found in a Fund's prospectus, but it has been tagged using the XBRL taxonomy, which allows you to compare a Fund with other mutual funds.

Fund NameAvailable Documents
CoreBuilder® Municipal Income5-1-2015 Filing
Real Return (formerly Inflation-Protected Bond)7-1-2015 Filing10-1-2015 Filing
VT Discovery5-1-2015 Filing
VT Index Asset Allocation5-1-2015 Filing
VT International Equity5-1-2015 Filing
VT Intrinsic Value5-1-2015 Filing
VT Omega Growth5-1-2015 Filing
VT Opportunity5-1-2015 Filing
VT Small Cap Growth5-1-2015 Filing
VT Small Cap Value5-1-2015 Filing
VT Total Return Bond5-1-2015 Filing