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Wells Fargo High Yield Bond Fund

Holdings as of 12/31/2015
Portfolio holdings are subject to change and may have changed since the date specified.

This information should not be construed as a recommendation, offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or financial instrument. Securities lending collateral positions are not included.

Consult a fund's Annual or Semi-Annual Reports for complete information on derivative transactions and holdings.

Commscope Inc Company Guar 144A203372AM9N/A$8,740,000.00
Huntington Ingalls Indus Company Guar 144A 11/25 5446413AH9N/A$8,627,500.00
Quintiles Transational Company Guar 144A748767AF7N/A$6,633,000.00
Olin Corporation Sr Unsecured680665AH9N/A$6,412,500.00
Tronox Finance LLC Company Guar897050AB6N/A$6,258,720.00
Rayonier AM Prod Inc Company Guar 144A75508EAA6N/A$6,142,250.00
Constellation Brands, Incorporated, Company Guar21036PAN8N/A$5,993,520.00
Clean Harbors, Incorporated, Company Guar184496AL1N/A$5,733,787.50
Penske Automotive Group, Incorporated70959WAE3N/A$5,343,000.00
Neustar Inc Company Guar64126XAC6N/A$5,086,350.00
MOOG INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 12/22 5.25615394AK9N/A$5,050,000.00
Lear Corp Company Guar521865AU9N/A$5,025,000.00
Group 1 Automotive Inc Company Guar398905AK5N/A$4,950,000.00
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Incorporated35802XAF0N/A$4,846,030.00
Iron Mountain Incorporated46284PAP9N/A$4,825,000.00
HEALTHSOUTH CORP COMPANY GUAR 03/23 5.125421924BN0N/A$4,787,500.00
Bristow Group Incorporated Company Guar110394AE3N/A$4,679,687.50
Celanese U.S. Holdings LLC Company Guar15089QAD6N/A$4,658,065.00
P.h. Glatfelter CO Company Guar377316AM6N/A$4,630,000.00
MALLINCKRODT FIN/SB COMPANY GUAR 144A 04/25 5.5561233AC1N/A$4,600,000.00
HCA Inc Company Guar404119BR9N/A$4,443,750.00
Davita Incorporated Company Guar23918KAP3N/A$4,392,950.00
Belden Incorporated Company Guar 144a077454AF3N/A$4,331,250.00
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC SR UNSECURED 02/25 5.5595112BC6N/A$4,263,000.00
Crown Castle Intl Corporation Sr Unsecured228227BD5N/A$4,205,000.00
Dpl Incorporated Sr Unsecured256882AD3N/A$4,156,250.00
Ball Corp Senior Notes 5.058498AR7N/A$4,080,000.00
BERRY PLASTICS CORP SECURED 144A 10/22 6085790AZ6N/A$4,070,000.00
Sabra Health/captl Corporation Company Guar78572XAD3N/A$4,030,000.00
A SCHULMAN INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 06/23 6.875808194AA2N/A$4,021,500.00
NRG Energy, Incorporated, Company Guar629377BU5N/A$3,941,052.50
OSHKOSH CORP COMPANY GUAR 03/25 5.375688239AE2N/A$3,815,140.00
ORBITAL ATK INC COMPANY GUAR 10/21 5.2568557NAA1N/A$3,693,375.00
Seagate Hdd Cayman Company Guar81180WAH4N/A$3,624,023.52
Dish Dbs Corporation Company Guar25470XAL9N/A$3,470,000.00
Horizon Pharma Financing Sr Unsecured 144A44052RAA3N/A$3,115,000.00
CROWN CASTLE INTL CORP SR UNSECURED 04/22 4.875228227BE3N/A$3,112,500.00
SPEEDWAY MOTORSPORTS INC COMPANY GUAR 02/23 5.125847788AT3N/A$3,083,850.00
SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES BV COMPANY GUAR 144A 11/24 5.62581725WAH6N/A$3,067,500.00
Sensata Technologies Bv Company Guar 144a81725WAG8N/A$2,917,500.00
Wells Fargo Cash Investment Money Market Fund9499999G3N/A$2,781,685.58
American Axle & Manufacturing, Incorporated02406PAL4N/A$2,356,875.00
Sempra Energy816851109SRE$2,162,230.00
Krafton Polymers LLC50077DAB0N/A$2,115,525.00
DTE Energy Company233331107DTE$2,004,750.00
BERRY PLASTICS CORP SECURED 07/23 5.125085790AY9N/A$1,945,000.00
DANA HOLDING CORP SR UNSECURED 12/24 5.5235825AE6N/A$1,940,000.00
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC SR UNSECURED 144A 08/23 5.25595112BD4N/A$1,795,000.00
SEAGATE HDD CAYMAN COMPANY GUAR 144A 06/27 4.87581180WAQ4N/A$1,535,650.00
Sealed Air Corporation Senior Notes 144a81211KAU4N/A$1,530,000.00
Oneok Incorporated Sr Unsecured682680AQ6N/A$1,440,000.00
BALL CORP COMPANY GUAR 11/23 4058498AS5N/A$1,430,625.00
Dominion Resources Incorporated25746U109D$1,352,800.00
AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 09/23 7.87500163UAB2N/A$1,320,000.00
John Bean Technologies Corporation477839104JBT$1,245,750.00
Medtronic Plc Common Stock Usd.1G5960L103MDT$1,153,800.00
ORBITAL ATK INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 10/23 5.568557NAB9N/A$1,116,500.00
CMS Energy Corporation125896100CMS$1,082,400.00
Estee Lauder Companies Incorporated Class A518439104EL$1,056,720.00
ConAgra Foods Incorporated205887102CAG$1,054,000.00
SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO CO COMPANY GUAR 144A 10/23 6810186AL0N/A$1,042,500.00
Quintiles Transnational Hold Common Stock Usd.0174876Y101Q$1,029,900.00
ANIXTER INC COMPANY GUAR 10/21 5.125035287AE1N/A$1,000,000.00
HALYARD HEALTH INC COMPANY GUAR 10/22 6.2540650VAB6N/A$995,000.00
Atmos Energy Corpporation049560105ATO$945,600.00
Huntsman International L Company Guar44701QAZ5N/A$912,500.00
Columbia Pipeline Group198280109CPGX$900,000.00
Endo Fin/Endo Ltd/E Finc Company Guar 144A29273EAA6N/A$886,500.00
ONEOK INC SR UNSECURED 09/23 7.5682680AR4N/A$832,500.00
JARDEN CORP COMPANY GUAR 144A 11/23 5471109AN8N/A$818,000.00
Cr Bard Incorporated067383109BCR$757,760.00
CBRE Group, Incorporated12504L109CBG$691,600.00
Huntington Ingalls Industrie Common Stock446413106HII$634,250.00
Leggett & Platt Incorporated524660107LEG$630,300.00
Jarden Corporation471109108JAH$571,200.00
HOLOGIC INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 07/22 5.25436440AH4N/A$566,100.00
Harman International Industries, Incorporated413086109HAR$565,260.00
MYLAN NV COMMON STOCK EUR.01N59465109MYL$540,700.00
NextEra Energy, Incorporated65339F101NEE$519,450.00
Gentex Corporation371901109GNTX$480,300.00
Akamai Technologies, Incorporated00971T101AKAM$473,670.00
BELDEN INC COMPANY GUAR 144A 07/24 5.25077454AG1N/A$446,200.00
Saul Centers Inc804395101BFS$410,160.00
STEEL DYNAMICS INC COMPANY GUAR 10/24 5.5858119BD1N/A$273,750.00
EQT Corporation26884L109EQT$260,650.00
Baxalta Inc07177M103BXLT$195,150.00
Nisource Incorporated65473P105NI$195,100.00
West Pharmaceutical Services, Incorporated955306105WST$180,660.00
Fei Company30241L109FEIC$159,580.00
Commercial Metals CO Sr Unsecured201723AK9N/A$124,500.00