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November Distribution for Wells Fargo Advantage Stable Income Fund

The Wells Fargo Advantage Stable Income Fund declared net investment income dividends on November 25, 2009. Originally scheduled with a payable date of November 23, 2009, the Fund's dividend distribution was rescheduled to ensure a precise calculation of the distribution amount.

The key payment dates are listed below:

  • Record date: 11-24-09
    • The distribution will be paid to shareholders of record as of this date.

  • Ex-dividend date: 11-25-09
    • The reinvestment of dividends will be made at the Fund's closing net asset value on this date.

  • Payable date: 11-27-09
    • Payable date for cash dividends.

See the table below for further details.

Stable Income Fund
Share Class
Fund Number CUSIP Ticker Dividend Rate
Per Share
A 19 94975H833 NVSAX 0.01256
B 399 94975H825 NVSBX 0.00673
C 1827 94975J482 WSICX 0.00681
Administrator 79 94975H817 NVSIX 0.0146