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Effective April 17, 2009, Seven Nominees Elected to the Boards of Trustees

Seven nominees were elected to the Wells Fargo Fund Trust, Wells Fargo Variable Trust, and Wells Fargo Master Trust Boards of Trustees at the Special Meetings of Shareholders held on April 17, 2009. Effective April 17, 2009, the Boards of each Trust will be comprised of the following seven independent Trustees:

  • Mr. Peter G. Gordon
  • Mr. Isaiah Harris, Jr.
  • Ms. Judith M. Johnson
  • Mr. David F. Larcker
  • Ms. Olivia S. Mitchell
  • Mr. Timothy J. Penny
  • Mr. Donald C. Willeke

If you have questions about this election, please call Investor Services for the Wells Fargo Advantage Funds® at 1-800-222-8222.