What Is RSS?

RSS, sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication, is a way for you to quickly and easily receive updated information without having to visit a website multiple times throughout the day. Many sites offer their content using RSS, including CNN.com, NBCNews.com, and USAToday.com. If you look closely at a website, you'll often see an orange button that says "RSS" or "XML". Then you'll know if a site offers its content via RSS.

How Do I View Content Using RSS?

An RSS feed provides headlines and links to web pages. RSS Readers (also known as RSS Aggregators) allow you to view RSS feeds from a number of different sources all at once, without having to visit multiple websites.

Readers can be stand-alone programs that you download, or they can be integrated into websites, such as your My Yahoo! page. View a list of RSS readers. (This list is provided as a convenience to you. Wells Fargo does not endorse any specific RSS reader.)

Each RSS Reader is different, so you'll have to follow your particular reader's instructions on how to subscribe. Some readers will allow you to subscribe by clicking on the orange button we mentioned earlier or dragging and dropping the orange button into your reader. However, sometimes, you will need to copy the URL/shortcut of the RSS feed and paste the URL into your reader.

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