Download RealPlayer

Download and install the free version of RealOne™ Player by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Real™ download page.
  2. Your download should begin automatically. If it does not, click the "Restart Download" button on the RealOne page.
  3. When the download is complete, a window will appear stating "Preparing to install RealOne Player."
  4. The RealOne Install Wizard will appear.

    • When asked to choose your setup option select "Express Install" and click "Next."
    • Read the licensing agreement and select "accept" if you agree to the terms.
    • Choose your internet connection speed. Click "next."

    After you answer these questions, you will see the "Installation" box. Click "Finish" to complete the download process.
  5. The last window of the Install Wizard may indicate that you must restart your computer to complete the installation. Click "OK" to restart your computer.
  6. A "Welcome to RealOne Player" window will automatically pop up. Click "Next." Another window will indicate your system is "Contacting RealNetworks to continue setup."
  7. Fill out the product registration form that appears and click "Next." If you receive a message saying "this e-mail address is already registered", click the "Already Registered?" button to proceed.
  8. The next window asks you to choose your RealOne Player Setup. Choose "Basic Setup" and click "Continue."
  9. Your RealOne Player should now be installed and ready for use.

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