What is a podcast?

The term "podcast" is a combination of two words – iPod (the portable music player manufactured by Apple) and broadcast. A podcast is simply an audio recording that you can listen to online or download to a portable MP3 player and listen to on the go. You can also subscribe to a podcast "feed" and automatically receive new podcasts each time they're updated.

Do I need an iPod or MP3 player to listen to a podcast?

No. Each podcast on our Web site will have a link that you can click on to listen to the podcast. You just need software installed on your computer that can play any type of audio file (such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer). You can also download the file directly to your computer.

What software can I use to subscribe to podcasts?

There are a number of different programs available, including iTunes and the Yahoo! Music Engine, that allow you to subscribe to podcasts. View a list of software programs. (This list is provided as a convenience to you. Wells Fargo does not endorse any specific software program.)

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

Using iTunes: You need to have iTunes version 6.0 and above. On the menu bar, click on Advanced, then select Subscribe to Podcast from the drop-down menu. Cut and paste the URL below into the Subscribe to Podcast window, and click OK. iTunes will start to download automatically.

Other software: Cut and paste the URL below into the subscription field of your podcasting software. Remember, this procedure may be different based on what software program you are using.


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