Lyle J. Fitterer, CFA, CPA
Mr. Fitterer joined Wells Capital Management as a portfolio manager in 2005. Prior to joining Wells Capital Management he was with Strong Capital Management ("SCM") since 1989 where he served as Director of Fixed Income since 2004. He served first as a mutual fund accountant and later as an analyst and trader in the fixed income department, specializing in mortgage and asset-backed securities. He has also traded equity and derivative securities for SCM's hedge funds and equity mutual funds and was a portfolio manager from January 1996 to November 1998 and returned to portfolio management in March 2000. He joined Strong Administrator Client Services as Managing Director in November 1998, where he was responsible for overseeing the administrator and intermediary sales organization. He received his B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of North Dakota.

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Funds Managed by Lyle Fitterer
Wells Fargo Fund

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Expense Ratios rule
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  Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free
Muni National Interm
Inception: 7-31-01
  NAV   2.77   2.76   4.74   4.41   4.80   3.00   0.80   0.70   10-31-16   Learn More  

POP   -0.31   1.72   4.10   4.10   4.59  

  Municipal Bond
Muni National Long
Inception: 10-23-86
  NAV   3.82   4.14   6.53   5.40   5.59   4.50   0.80   0.75   10-31-16   Learn More  

POP   -0.83   2.54   5.54   4.92   5.42  

  Short-Term Municipal Bond
Muni National Short
Inception: 12-31-91
  NAV   0.81   0.87   1.59   2.70   3.65   2.00   0.75   0.63   10-31-16   Learn More  

POP   -1.21   0.20   1.18   2.49   3.56  

  Ultra Short-Term Municipal Income
Muni National Short
Inception: 11-30-95
  NAV   0.04   0.14   0.47   1.86   2.37   2.00   0.74   0.67   10-31-16   Learn More  

POP   -1.96   -0.54   0.07   1.66   2.27  

  Wisconsin Tax-Free
Muni Single State Interm
Inception: 4-6-01
  NAV   2.79   3.01   4.22   4.02   4.44   4.50   0.90   0.70   10-31-16   Learn More  

POP   -1.86   1.45   3.27   3.54   4.12  

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Performance including sales charge assumes the sales charge for the corresponding time period. Public offering price (POP) is the price of one share of a fund including any sales charges. Net asset value (NAV) is the value of one share of the fund excluding any sales charges.

The adviser has committed to fee waivers and/or expense reimbursements, through the Fund's contract date, to maintain the Fund's net expense ratio as shown. Without these reductions, the Fund's returns would have been lower, and the ratings may have been lower.

A portion of the Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free, Municipal Bond, Short-Term Municipal Bond, Ultra Short-Term Municipal Income, and Wisconsin Tax-Free Funds' income may be subject to federal, state, and/or local income taxes or the alternative minimum tax (AMT). Any capital gains distributions may be taxable.

Performance for certain Wells Fargo Funds (each a "Fund") reflects a predecessor fund's performance and may be adjusted to reflect the Fund's sales charges and/or expenses. Predecessor fund performance may include performance of an unregistered collective investment fund that was not subject to the same requirements and restrictions as the Fund. Predecessor fund information can be found in each Fund's prospectus.

  • Not FDIC Insured
  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value