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Q1 Quarterly Fund Commentaries

Quarterly Fund Commentaries are enhanced investment communications designed to provide true insight into our money management philosophy, process, and results. Along with portfolio commentary, reports include quarterly attribution figures, performance review, market summary and outlook. To view the Quarterly Fund Commentaries, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Quarterly Fund Commentary    Fund profile

 Large Cap Funds
  •   Disciplined U.S. Core
  •   Endeavor Select
  •   Growth
  •   Intrinsic Value
  •   Large Cap Core
  •   Large Cap Growth
  •   Omega Growth
  •   Premier Large Company Growth
 Mid Cap Funds
  •   Discovery
  •   Enterprise
  •   Special Mid Cap Value
 Small Cap Funds
  •   Emerging Growth
  •   Small Cap Value
  •   Small Company Growth
  •   Special Small Cap Value
 International Funds
  •   Asia Pacific
  •   Diversified International
  •   Emerging Markets Equity
  •   Emerging Markets Equity Income
  •   International Equity
  •   International Value
  •   Intrinsic World Equity
 Specialty Funds
  •   Precious Metals
 Asset Allocation Funds
  •   Absolute Return
  •   Asset Allocation
  •   Diversified Capital Builder
  •   Diversified Income Builder
  •   Dynamic Target Date Funds
  •   Target Date Funds
 Municipal Income Funds
  •   California Tax-Free
  •   High Yield Municipal Bond
  •   Intermediate Tax/AMT-Free
  •   Municipal Bond
  •   Short-Term Municipal Bond
  •   Strategic Municipal Bond
  •   Ultra Short-Term Municipal Income
 Income Funds
  •   Adjustable Rate Government
  •   Conservative Income
  •   Core Bond
  •   Core Plus Bond
  •   Government Securities
  •   High Income Bond
  •   High Yield Bond
  •   International Bond
  •   Short Duration Government Bond
  •   Short-Term High Yield Bond
  •   Ultra Short-Term Income
 Alternative Funds
  •   Alternative Strategies
  • Not FDIC Insured
  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value