Just How Fast Are College Costs Growing?

Everyone knows college costs are increasing, but just how much? Most experts project an average 6% increase per year. That means the cost to send a newborn child to a 4-year public university in the year 2023 will reach over $145,000 or over $335,000 for a 4-year private university. The graph below shows the rate these costs are expected to grow over the next 18 years.

The Rising Cost of Higher Education

Costs based on 2005-2006 estimate of average tuition, fees, and room and board for 4-year public and private universities according to the 2005 Trends in College Pricing published by the College Board. Projected pricing assumes a 6% annual rate of increase in college costs.

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The Rising Cost of Higher Education (Based on 4 years of school). By 2023, costs at a private university may reach $335,062, and costs at a public university may reach $145,311.

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