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Express purchase

Express purchase allows you to purchase shares with payment directly from your bank account into your account. By establishing the express purchase option, you may perform purchases on Online Account Access, on the automated phone system, or with a representative. All express purchases are performed by electronic funds transfer (EFT). Purchases initiated before market close (which is generally 3 p.m. Central Time) will purchase shares at that day's closing net asset value (NAV). As with any purchase, requests made after market close will be priced at the next day's NAV.

Option details

  • The minimum express purchase must meet the subsequent purchase requirement for the fund.
  • Express purchases can only be requested by authorized individuals.
  • The bank account and mutual fund account must have at least one common owner.
  • A purchase that is initiated before market close will purchase shares at that day's closing NAV.

To establish the option on a new account

  • The express purchase option is automatically added unless you specify otherwise on your original account application.
  • Please include a voided bank check with your request.

To establish the option on an existing account

To change bank information

  • Not FDIC Insured
  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value