2015 Corporate dividend exclusion

A corporation is entitled to a special deduction from gross income for dividends received from a domestic corporation. This deduction is generally 70% of dividends received from corporations owned less than 20% by the recipient corporation. If a fund is not present in the table below, please assume 0%.

Wells Fargo Funds
% of Taxable Distribution Eligible for the Dividend Received Deduction
Absolute Return Fund 12.99%
Alternative Strategies Fund 14.31%
Asset Allocation Fund 14.50%
C&B Large Cap Value Fund 100.00%
C&B Mid Cap Value Fund 100.00%
Disciplined U.S. Core Fund 66.77%
Diversified Capital Builder Fund 100.00%
Diversified Equity Fund 100.00%
Diversified Income Builder Fund 9.34%
Endeavor Select Fund 43.53%
Global Long/Short Fund 4.17%
Global Opportunities Fund 100.00%
Growth Fund 100.00%
Growth Balanced Fund 67.98%
Index Asset Allocation Fund 63.32%
Index Fund 59.15%
Intrinsic Small Cap Value Fund 100.00%
Intrinsic Value Fund 100.00%
Intrinsic World Equity Fund 80.78%
Large Cap Core Fund 100.00%
Large Cap Growth Fund 100.00%
Large Company Value Fund 100.00%
Moderate Balanced Fund 27.60%
Opportunity Fund 72.76%
Small Cap Opportunities Fund 100.00%
Small Company Value Fund 100.00%
Special Mid Cap Value Fund 68.98%
Special Small Cap Value Fund 90.42%
Target 2010 Fund 12.80%
Target 2015 Fund 17.73%
Target 2020 Fund 24.79%
Target 2025 Fund 30.30%
Target 2030 Fund 38.01%
Target 2035 Fund 43.70%
Target 2040 Fund 47.97%
Target 2045 Fund 50.17%
Target 2050 Fund 49.38%
Target 2055 Fund 53.69%
Target Today Fund 15.56%
Utility and Telecommunications Fund 100.00%
WealthBuilder Growth Allocation Portfolio 6.87%

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