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Interactive Tool Disclosure

The calculators and asset allocation planners on this site are provided to you for free and maintained by Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor ("Wells Fargo"). These tools are designed to give you a point of reference when considering your own unique situation based on information you provided to us and one of the many combinations of investments that may be appropriate for your situation. These tools may also provide hypothetical financial results, links to fund categories, and asset allocation suggestions based on the personal information you enter or selections that you make. These suggestions should not be considered investment advice or serve as the sole or primary basis for making your investment decisions, and you should always seek professional investment and tax advice. Rather, they should be considered together with all other information you deem important in making your investment decisions. As time passes, or your financial situation changes, you must enter new information into the applicable financial tool to see how its results change. Wells Fargo assumes no responsibility for reviewing your financial situation or for updating the suggestions made.

There are multiple products and services from Wells Fargo that provide asset allocation suggestions. These products and services may yield different results. Please note that Wells Fargo continues to review and may modify the investment analysis that drives the suggested asset allocation without notice to you, which means that fund categories, services, and asset allocations may change over time. The suggested asset allocations represent Wells Fargo's investment suggestions only as of the date they are provided and will not be updated for you even if asset allocation suggestions change in the future. Wells Fargo recommends that individuals review their investment objectives and strategies periodically, and at least annually. Each asset allocation planning and calculator session is a one-time, nondiscretionary service. Any suggested target asset allocation is based only on the market information available at that time and/or on selections that you have made.

The mutual funds identified in these materials are examples of Wells Fargo Funds investors may wish to consider. These are not recommendations to buy or sell the particular mutual funds or any single fund listed, and there may be other investments that investors may consider more appropriate to satisfy their needs and goals. You agree neither Wells Fargo nor its affiliates are responsible for losses incurred on any investment nor does Wells Fargo guarantee the suitability or potential value of any particular investment.

The tax, accounting, and legal information offered here is a summary of our understanding and interpretation of the current income tax regulations and is general in nature and is not complete or intended to address all issues. Investors should consult their investment professional, tax advisor, accountant, or legal counsel for advice and information concerning their particular situation.