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Email Policy

Wells Fargo Funds Management is committed to the highest standards of email use. If you request information, we may send you future updates regarding new products and services via email. If you do not wish to receive information regarding new products and services via email and have already received email correspondence from Wells Fargo Funds, you may opt-out of any future email correspondence as detailed below. If you are filling out an online account form with Wells Fargo Funds and do not wish to receive this information via email, do not enter an email address.

When registering for secure account access, we require that a valid email address be entered. This email address will be used for trade confirmation, regulatory, and other purposes necessary to service your account. It is important that a valid email address is maintained by you so that we can contact you regarding your account if needed.

You have the right to opt out receiving email from us by logging in to your account, or contacting us.

Email Image Tracking (a/k/a Web Bugs)
We value your privacy and limit the use of tracking images (a/k/a web bugs) in email campaigns. We will use a clear image in most email correspondence for the following reasons:

  • To track the format of email that you are able to receive (HTML or Text) and then send the appropriate message format to you; and
  • To verify that you have opened an email message that was sent.

We will not use these images to track the individual that you may forward an email to. We will only use these images to evaluate the effectiveness of our e-marketing campaigns.