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Special Mid Cap Value Fund (WFPRX) 

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All data as of 12-31-18 unless otherwise noted.

Asset allocation (%)

Equity 98.52
Cash & equivalents 1.48

Percent total may not add to 100% due to rounding.

Top holdings (%)

Top 10 represents 27.10% of total net assets.

Sector diversification (%)

Sector diversification is a breakdown of the fund's investments based on the S&P Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), a breakdown of market sectors used by Standard & Poor's. Sector weights are subject to change and may have changed since the date specified.

Portfolio statistics

  Fund Benchmark
Number of holdings 68 592
Median Market Cap 10.78 6.60
Dividend Yield 1.86 2.60
Price Over Earnings Ratio 14.26 13.43
Price Over Book Ratio 1.96 1.70
EPS Growth 18.92 21.10
Return on Equity 13.22 10.90
Turnover Rate 32.94