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Millennials, Money, and the Happiness Factor

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Millennial research tends to focus on debt and dollars, telling a lifeless story. That’s why our 2017 Millennial Survey brought the love, asking Millennials about happiness, priorities, and passions—as well as money.

The resources below share our game-changing survey results and how you can use them to strengthen your business.

Findings snapshot

Millennials, Money, and the Happiness Factor

Discover what really makes Millennials tick and how they feel about financial advice in this survey snapshot—prepare to be surprised.

  • Actionable results from our 2017 Millennial Survey
  • Infographics and charts illustrating today’s Millennial mindset
  • Insights on rejuvenating the Millennial conversation by uniting money and happiness

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Millennial questionnaire

Millennial questionnaire

Don’t scare Millennial prospects and clients away. Start conversations off right with this tool for uncovering what’s in Millennials’ hearts and minds before you approach financial matters.

  • Ten critical questions to ask when engaging Millennials
  • A fillable survey format so you can easily save answers
  • Our survey benchmarks for response comparison

Comprehensive findings report

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Leverage our extended research to fully understand the Millennial mindset and modernize your approach. Show this generation that you’re listening and that you want to empower them and you’ll earn their confidence.

  • Ways to leverage the survey results on Millennial happiness, social impact investing, careers, and financial knowledge and guidance
  • Critical insights on how the factors of gender and affluence influence Millennials’ viewpoints
  • Implications for your practice to help you formulate your strategy

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The Millennial Opportunity 79.8 million Millennials in America 75% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2025 $30 trillion in wealth may pass down to Millennials 77% of Millennials do not have an advisor 39% of Millennials who do not have an advisor say they want one

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