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Transitioning Accounts

As an investor, you have probably spent years working toward your financial well-being and retirement planning goals. Equally as important is to consider what will happen to your carefully laid-out plans upon your death.

If you are an account owner preparing for tomorrow or are the beneficiary of an account owner who has passed away, below is information that will help you with next steps.

Add a beneficiary

Learn about the benefits of having a beneficiary designation and the varying designations for different types of accounts. Learn More

Claiming an account

If you need to move an account to a new owner due to a death, this information will help guide you through the process for retirement and nonretirement accounts.

Access our forms

Whether you are setting up beneficiaries or transferring assets to a new owner, our transition forms repository has what you need all in one place. View Now

Information you may need when contacting us

When you are ready to contact us, please be prepared with the following information about the deceased account owner:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Date the account owner passed away

Was the account owner a trustee on a trust account?

    • If yes, we will need to know who is taking over as trustee on the account.
    • If possible, please locate any trust documents prior to calling us so that we can provide instructions to the successor trustee(s) to reregister the assets.

Was the account held in the account owner’s name, and were there any beneficiaries listed on the account?

    • If there are no beneficiaries listed, we will ask if the estate will go through probate.
    • If the estate will be going through probate, we will ask for the name of the administrator (also referred to as executor or personal representative).
    • If the estate will not be going through probate, we will ask who will be responsible for claiming the assets.

For assistance, please call us at 1-800-359-3379.