Short-Duration Fixed-Income Investment Solutions

An overview of non-money market products

In addition to money market fund management, we are dedicated to the business of short-duration fixed-income investment management. Both the 2a-7 money market funds and the short-duration fixed-income funds are actively managed by Wells Capital Management, whose portfolio management teams are highly experienced and have provided competitive, risk-adjusted returns in line with a philosophy that emphasizes the preservation of capital and liquidity.

These funds are not money market funds; however they provide investors with additional choices to consider outside of 2a-7 products.


Fixed-income fund: May be appropriate for:
Adjustable Rate Government Fund Investors desiring limited interest-rate risk and highly rated short-term debt issued or guaranteed by U.S. government enterprises.
Conservative Income Fund Investors desiring a high-quality investment solution seeking limited net asset value volatility.
Ultra Short-Term Income Fund Investors desiring limited interest-rate risk but willing to take slightly more credit risk than in the Conservative Income Fund and the Adjustable Rate Government Fund, in order to potentially gain income.
Ultra Short-Term Municipal Income Fund Investors in high income-tax brackets that seek federal tax-free income with little interest-rate risk and modest credit risk from a large, experienced portfolio management team.